how does lionsgate think its okay to have over a minute of peeta and johanna spinning around like rotisserie chicken, and then only give us an under 2 minute trailer featuring 0.02 seconds of katniss

ALright… I couldn’t wait to hear your thoughts on the trailer, but I think all the key smashing and love notes to FLaw sum it up for now.  This is a terrible week for me to be swamped IRL, but I’ll catch ya’ll some time.  Night!

Are there any THG/Everlark fics that are like Clue (or murder mystery party in general)?  Was thinking about all the weapons being like a cornucopia and thought that might be a fun read.  If not, someone get on that. :P

I haven’t checked my email in like the past 4-5 days.  I’m so scared to deal with my inbox… especially since I know jamiesommers23 re-uploaded an entire story.  ;)