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I everlark 100% but MJ never really proved that Katniss loves Peeta at all even though they stayed together in the end. My friend and I have gotten into disagreements over this many times.I've always felt that she chose him just because he is their.


I mean she did want to keep him alive but it’s just not enough for me. I mean not once did she give him an “I Love You” like she did to Gale when she chose him. The real not real is cute but not the same. I just hope the movie portrays it better so i

Can believe it that she does genuinely love him if not my friend owes me 10bucks. BTW I like how you have answered ever ask over katniss and Gale with positivity.

First, Katniss never tells Gale she loves him. The quote is “I am his. He is mine.” Katniss is not the type to freely admit her feelings. To anybody. Does she even tell Prim she loves her outright? All we have are her thoughts. Katniss is a reactionary person. She’s not big on words. Her actions speak for her. So even when we have her trying to convince herself she doesn’t have feelings for Peeta (like in THG), her actions prove otherwise. There’s subtext here that Suzanne Collins was very smart with. This is where critical thinking comes into play, and I don’t mean that to be condescending, but with most/all literature, you need to look at the textual clues.

I think it’s pretty evident Katniss’ love is right there in the text. She doesn’t say “I love you, Peeta.” But he asks her “You love me, real or not real?” and she says “Real.” That IS an “I love you.” This series isn’t a flowery romance; there might not be huge declarations of love—or at least, when there are, Suzanne/Katniss often skims over it (probably because she’s uncomfortable with feelings)—but the “real or not real” is a huge, huge theme throughout the series. It’s not an accident that Suzanne chose that method to reveal that Katniss does indeed love Peeta. 

Don’t forget Katniss’ inadvertent slip when she says “Haymitch loves [Peeta] too.” Meaning…Katniss loves Peeta. Katniss doesn’t use that word with Gale.

I think to say that Katniss “settled” for Peeta is to undermine the trauma she went through by the end of the war. Her sister is dead. She’s lost almost everything, including nearly her humanity. Her mind is more than a little preoccupied by the end, she’s not in a romantic sort of mood. And she won’t be for a while—that’s what PTSD and having most of your loved ones killed will do to you. But as soon as Peeta returns? She comes back to life. She even says she’s waiting for something—and I think at that point it was either death or Peeta, and she held out because she wanted Peeta to come back to her. Once he does, suddenly she starts giving a damn again about living—going out to the woods, hunting, taking a shower, making herself look better, cleaning her house, taking care of Buttercup. 

Why? Because that is love.

I just need three things: to lie down, a massage, and a drink.

My 4-year-old son.


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Shirt finally arrived. (Wish I had gotten it back when it first came out, though) #teefury #winteriscoming #elsa #frozen

Shirt finally arrived. (Wish I had gotten it back when it first came out, though) #teefury #winteriscoming #elsa #frozen

I miss you guys.  I’ve been a bit apathetic about the fandom lately (i dunno, just in a funk), but I miss you guys.

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